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a few renders and stuff

Blender Sculpt Mode UI proposal

A couple of months ago I created that playlist with sculpting timelapses done with 2.5 releases. In most of them I go with basically the default UI and build upon that while working. But I can do that because I'm familiar with Blender, I know how its UI works.

Development of sculpting tools has been amazing the past two years, but the tools are not as accessible as they could.
There's been a growth in number of users that could be increased by making the sculpt mode more pleasant to use.

I can make the changes locally and live with that, but after going with the first-use-of-Blender exercise over all those versions of the interface, a sculpt layout in the defaults would be great to have.

William Reynish's article about Design & Open Source talks about establishing Core design principles to base the UI decissions.

I'm not a designer, so my opinion is most probably flawed and biased towards my main area of interest, but I think enforcing some already in place princip…

Open Sourcing

Some days ago, I caught myself ranting while doing a test recording for a tutorial.

I've been asked several times to produce a sculpting tutorial, but, since I'm still learning and still trying to figure out a lot of things, always ended up with the feeling that everything I could say has already been said. So, the only point for it would be to talk about the Blender specific topics.

But there aren't many things about my work flow that are Blender only.

I think I covered all the needed settings and the brushes I use lately with the Onion branch in the following pdf. Click the image to download the file.

So, my rant was about how there is all this free knowledge online about sculpting, but, a lot of Blender users seem to neglect it because they only look for Blender tutorials.

And that gave me the idea. Publish a list of all the videos and tutorials I've been gathering, and let everyone compile their own build of 'Sculpting with Blender'.

Even though lazin…

July 26th/August 20th: Videos

July 26th/August 20th: Images

Zbrush + Gimp

Blender + Gimp

Spread around

Ok, so...this is the third entry this year in the blog, and it's July already.

The thing is, I started posting my stuff in a few other places and always made updating the blog the lowest priority. At first I meant to do some monthly updates with anything I had, but posting the same thing all over again at a later date made no sense actually, and that got me thinking about what to do with this blog.

For starters, there's been some sort of redesign. Blogger added new features and I played with them a bit. Happier with this design than I've ever been with the previous one.

Along with the new colours and blurry fuzziness came a widget link to my Twitter account. This is nice and all, but I don't see a way to subscribe to that other than joining their site. So there's the box to show what I post in there, that you will probably only see when you visit here, and, with no new posts, that'll be never. The important thing about this is:

Where's the content gone?

Most of …

cycles test renders

bottle collection from cgsociety's lighting challenge. 15m27s on a Q9550. 300 passes, max bounces 64, min bounces 3

lizard sculpt (multires 2.8 million polygons) 3minutes Q9550. 50passes, max bounces 64, min bounces 1

different film test