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fruit bowl - new direction

I meant to work more on this scene, but, when the coolest temperature you get most of the days is 24 degrees at 6am, I don't feel like spending the day rendering. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my laptop fried last summer and I had to by a new computer,but, anyway...

Ever heard you should always save incrementally?
Well, sometimes I forget...
I was quite comfortable with the direction lighting was heading in this scene, but after tweaking lamp settings until I messed up and had no chance to go back. I've decided to start over again with the lighting rig.

Here's a comparison between what's lost and the current state of the scene:

random doodles

A couple of worthless sculpted doodles. Not much to say about these, I've mostly played with some alpha textures...

lighting tests

I haven't posted in a while and the reason is that I've spent last few weeks working in an animatic with a friend.

While he was doing tons of chroma keying and cleaning the crap out of them, I've spent my time creating backgrounds and playing with cool stuff I've never tried before, like the fractureme script and actually animating lots of objects, including a couple of hands. Sadly, I had no time for anything else.

I can't upload the video yet, but, meanwhile, if anyone's interested bored enough, there's a 10 second preview I've uploaded to youtube and vimeo before starting the actual production of the animatic.

So, with that off my back, I've spent last few days lazying around and socializing, and finally I've come back to this blog entry I'd started about a month ago.

These two images are from a lighting test I'd set up to confirm some linear workflow concerns I've had. The first one is lit with one area light and the second one uses …