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sketches #11

more posemaniacs doodles

and a 15 min doodle in blender

trying GSOC sculpting improvements in trunk

I haven't been able to build jwilkins' GSOC branch for a few days already, and, since some of the stuff he's been working on has been merged to trunk for the upcoming beta release, I've given trunk a go for the first time in a while.

I've reused the base mesh I've created for a doodle a couple of months ago, back then the sculpting tools weren't working all right. Now it feels great sculpting with blender 2.5. This is the first full body sculpture I've done that I was confident I could reach the level of detail I wanted. Also, as usual, I've recorded the process:

The anatomy makes no sense, but I guess, since it's not a human being, it doesn't matter that much :D

Finally, here are a few more test renders

sketches #10

some posemaniacs 90 seconds doodles

random thing with alchemy

and a sculpted wall section.

vampire blend

I don't know if anyone will care about this, but since there was a comment asking for the lighting/render setup in the previous post, I've decided to share the file of my latest doodle.

click here to download the file in a .zip package.(all textures should be packed, please tell me if there's anything missing)

The base mesh comes from the Sculpt feedback page at wiki:

Above are screenshots of world/lamp/material settings. World texture from: Material from:
And, this is how the scene looks like.

As you can see, there's only one lamp in there, a couple of cameras with slightly different settings, an empty for controlling dof, the head and backdrop. This renders in 1.07 minutes with a Q9550 processor. Rendered with revision 29834 of the render25 branch, you can grab a build of it at
Finally, you can get the …

sketches #9

another doodle with sculpting GSOC branch. I didn't realize until I was rendering, that the mesh only had about 300k faces...and,all along, I was wondering why I couldn't get sharp detail while sculpting ...I'm such a fool...

Also, I've recorded the process with blender 2.5 screencast feature, here's the video:

sketches #8

A couple of doodles with mypaint and gimp.

Another head sculpted with jwilkins GSOC branch. The grab tool wasn't working all right when I sculpted it...and I've sort of destroyed the nose while trying to alter proportions with a newer build :(

Dabbling with a new toy, Sculptris, I've got to get the hang of it yet, but it's fun to play with. Unfortunately there's no linux version, so I had to use wine to run it. Most of the shortcuts don't work which makes working with it a bit clumsy, but it works anyway...