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Using Indirect Lighting in Blender 2.5

My latest tutorial for cgtuts has been published today. I had to produce it in a few days and I feel the result's quite clumsy, but, well, may be worth a watch.

sketches #5

Violet from "Hogfather"

3 doodles from a sequence I've just started working on

blender 2.5 screencast is possible now to create a screencast from within Blender by just pressing Alt+f3, and I've been toying with it a bit. Here's a 3 minutes video I did while sculpting (new sculpting and multires is awesome, btw):

And, since I can't render this, here's a screen shot of how it looks right now.

Still a lot of work to do. I've reused the base mesh I've created for a previous creature, and added a few more polygons in the head, however, I've should have added more detail to it before adding the multiresolution modifier.

While sculpting, the interface showed there were almost 7 million faces in the scene, but, when I've tried to render the scene, the renderer showed about 2 million faces more. I'm not really sure why this happens. Anyway, rendering at this subdivision level is impossible right now, since my computer runs out of RAM if I try. So, I'll probably only be able to show screen captures of this until I either get more RAM or the texture …

sketches #4

doodles with mypaint.

3rd round, back to gimp.

sketches #3

Some 60-90 seconds poses from posemaniacs

Trying to get this painting too look a bit better, I've switched to Mypaint this time. Not sure if it's improved, but, at least, I don't hate it as much as before.


Some day I'll get some nice outdoors time for more than a couple of days, and forget about my computer and work, and it'll be great, and...a man can dream...

Meanwhile, in the real world...

Day 2 of my hair tutorial was published a while back, it can be found here:

Also, I've done a quick sketch this past weekend with Gimp and the great presets from Gimp Paint Studio.

Finally, I've been testing 2.5 for a while now, and, even though there are some things that I don't like about it (I just have to get used to them though), there are a lot of new features that have put a smile in my face since I've first tried them. It happened with colour management, then with the new sculpting improvements, and now, indirect diffuse lighting. :)

I've done this on Saturday (I've taken the idea from a friend's wallpaper), and only used AAO and indirect lighting in …

Where is my mind?

Way out in the water, See it swimmin'

It's been a while since my last post, and, I must say that I totally forgotten about posting the final result file of my landscape tutorial even though I said I would do that. So, to repair my mistake, here it is:

I've been trying to paint lately, but everything ends up looking like crap. Every brush stroke I add makes the image worse. This is the only half done sketch that got lucky and got saved, instead of being scraped like the rest of my failed attempts.

Besides the doodles, I've been working on a new tutorial. Some comments to this video shown interest in the physics settings for the hair, and I had no time to answer their requests properly up 'til now. So, I've ended up working on a hair particles in blender tutorial. It didn't turn out as good as I'd liked it to be, but may be worth a watch. Hopefully someo…

Custom 2d filters in Blender game engine

Last part of my terrain tutorial is up already, and you can watch it in here:

I feel like I should have added a disclaimer to the tutorial introduction about what I actually show in the video. I know nothing coding related to the filters, I've just showed what I've learned about setting them up and making them work.

Hope you guys like it.

3rd part of my tutorial series is up

This part is about texturing, using stencil maps to mix different textures, then baking the result to a new texture image.

There is a problem with the audio, but I've already sent a new video file which hopefully will solve this.

I hope you enjoy it.

sculpting timelapse

I've recorded about 30 minutes of the last quick doodle I've done, the above video is the result.

After another half hour the thing looked like this:

baking normal and ambient occlusion maps

Following my previous tutorial at cgtuts, part 2 of it was published about a week ago, but I hadn't found the time to post a link to it here until now. You can watch it here.

In this (much shorter) part we'll bake a normal and an approximate ambient occlusion map from the mesh sculpted in part one to a low-poly version of it.

I'll start working on finishing the scene this week so, hopefully, more tutorials will follow soon.

new doodle

It's been the first time I've tried sculpting a whole body for a long time. Arms and legs remain unfinished after a lost battle with the hands.

sculpting tutorial

or what I managed to pull out, you'll decide for yourself. I don't really know how much is there to learn, if anything at all.

So, I've been battling all day long against myself trying to decide whether to post this or not. Looks like 'yes' won, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this.

They published my first video tutorial over at Click in the image to go see the screencast.


You can see a 1920x1080 version of the original render here.

I've also done a short animation with this scene:


looks like the thing to use these days...

fruit bowl in real time

usually there's always a moment in every project that I start feeling I'm done with rendering. That moment usually comes when I can't no longer wait to play with it in the game engine.
So I guess the fruit bowl is finished as a static image.

Latest sculpture

fruit bowl - new direction

I meant to work more on this scene, but, when the coolest temperature you get most of the days is 24 degrees at 6am, I don't feel like spending the day rendering. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my laptop fried last summer and I had to by a new computer,but, anyway...

Ever heard you should always save incrementally?
Well, sometimes I forget...
I was quite comfortable with the direction lighting was heading in this scene, but after tweaking lamp settings until I messed up and had no chance to go back. I've decided to start over again with the lighting rig.

Here's a comparison between what's lost and the current state of the scene:

random doodles

A couple of worthless sculpted doodles. Not much to say about these, I've mostly played with some alpha textures...

lighting tests

I haven't posted in a while and the reason is that I've spent last few weeks working in an animatic with a friend.

While he was doing tons of chroma keying and cleaning the crap out of them, I've spent my time creating backgrounds and playing with cool stuff I've never tried before, like the fractureme script and actually animating lots of objects, including a couple of hands. Sadly, I had no time for anything else.

I can't upload the video yet, but, meanwhile, if anyone's interested bored enough, there's a 10 second preview I've uploaded to youtube and vimeo before starting the actual production of the animatic.

So, with that off my back, I've spent last few days lazying around and socializing, and finally I've come back to this blog entry I'd started about a month ago.

These two images are from a lighting test I'd set up to confirm some linear workflow concerns I've had. The first one is lit with one area light and the second one uses …

more clay sculpting

Sculpting doodles with blender's clay brush.

The image above is another render of the head I've done last month while trying the clay brush for the first time. The base mesh was a cube.

Here are a couple of new heads I've done this weekend.

For these new heads I've used a base mesh from this thread at zbrushcentral,
and got inspired to sculpt them by these videos:

Mudbox Head Sculpting by Rod Seffen

Mudbox 2k9 'Requiem' Dutch Masterclass timelapse by Wayne Robson