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Spread around

Ok, so...this is the third entry this year in the blog, and it's July already.

The thing is, I started posting my stuff in a few other places and always made updating the blog the lowest priority. At first I meant to do some monthly updates with anything I had, but posting the same thing all over again at a later date made no sense actually, and that got me thinking about what to do with this blog.

For starters, there's been some sort of redesign. Blogger added new features and I played with them a bit. Happier with this design than I've ever been with the previous one.

Along with the new colours and blurry fuzziness came a widget link to my Twitter account. This is nice and all, but I don't see a way to subscribe to that other than joining their site. So there's the box to show what I post in there, that you will probably only see when you visit here, and, with no new posts, that'll be never. The important thing about this is:

Where's the content gone?

Most of …