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Where is my mind?

Way out in the water, See it swimmin'

It's been a while since my last post, and, I must say that I totally forgotten about posting the final result file of my landscape tutorial even though I said I would do that. So, to repair my mistake, here it is:

I've been trying to paint lately, but everything ends up looking like crap. Every brush stroke I add makes the image worse. This is the only half done sketch that got lucky and got saved, instead of being scraped like the rest of my failed attempts.

Besides the doodles, I've been working on a new tutorial. Some comments to this video shown interest in the physics settings for the hair, and I had no time to answer their requests properly up 'til now. So, I've ended up working on a hair particles in blender tutorial. It didn't turn out as good as I'd liked it to be, but may be worth a watch. Hopefully someo…