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about time this got updated...

More than a month since my last post here. I've been working on a few different things, and, now, instead of saving the pictures to create a few different posts, I'll chose the dumber option of dropping them all in this one.(so, beware! huge post ahead)


Some time ago I drew some storyboard sketches from a friend's short story.
As a means to test how fast I could produce the sets to develop a small animation, I've decided to build this scene. I used a lot of assets from and managed to create this scene in a couple of days. Re-using already made objects left a lot of time for texturing and, even though the level of detail is not exactly where I'd like it to be, it somehow convinced me to further plan on doing this.
I'll have to do some more tests and plan things carefully if I end up deciding to do the animation. And that includes having to learn how to animate, which probably will tear my dreams apart.
Anyway, that's it for now.
Here's a …

sketches #16

New with textures!

...ok, except this crappy lizard...

ape head

Inspired by blender's monkey primitive, I did sculpt a chimpanzee head past week. Hope you all like it. :)

sketches #15

Dumping what I've done lately...

sketches #14


and a couple of videos...a timelapse of the dragon and a turntable of the alien head

sketches #13

latest bunch of doodles

sculpting time lapses

I've recorded most of the stuff I've been sculpting lately, thanks to the screencast feature that now blender has. It really is much easier to work with the resulting image sequences that blender creates, than trying to re-encode .ogv created by recordmydesktop, that I used to use before.
Here are the videos for the last 3 heads I've done.

sketches #12

A few tests with the new blender2.5 beta.

I'm growing tired of the way I sculpt fine detail, tried something a little different with the last one.

All of them, except the first one, started form a sphere. Had to go up to 6 million polygons with the last one, because there wasn't enough resolution on the face for detailing.

Good thing is, I've been able to render the mesh with render25 branch :)

sketches #11

more posemaniacs doodles

and a 15 min doodle in blender

trying GSOC sculpting improvements in trunk

I haven't been able to build jwilkins' GSOC branch for a few days already, and, since some of the stuff he's been working on has been merged to trunk for the upcoming beta release, I've given trunk a go for the first time in a while.

I've reused the base mesh I've created for a doodle a couple of months ago, back then the sculpting tools weren't working all right. Now it feels great sculpting with blender 2.5. This is the first full body sculpture I've done that I was confident I could reach the level of detail I wanted. Also, as usual, I've recorded the process:

The anatomy makes no sense, but I guess, since it's not a human being, it doesn't matter that much :D

Finally, here are a few more test renders

sketches #10

some posemaniacs 90 seconds doodles

random thing with alchemy

and a sculpted wall section.

vampire blend

I don't know if anyone will care about this, but since there was a comment asking for the lighting/render setup in the previous post, I've decided to share the file of my latest doodle.

click here to download the file in a .zip package.(all textures should be packed, please tell me if there's anything missing)

The base mesh comes from the Sculpt feedback page at wiki:

Above are screenshots of world/lamp/material settings. World texture from: Material from:
And, this is how the scene looks like.

As you can see, there's only one lamp in there, a couple of cameras with slightly different settings, an empty for controlling dof, the head and backdrop. This renders in 1.07 minutes with a Q9550 processor. Rendered with revision 29834 of the render25 branch, you can grab a build of it at
Finally, you can get the …