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Using Indirect Lighting in Blender 2.5

My latest tutorial for cgtuts has been published today. I had to produce it in a few days and I feel the result's quite clumsy, but, well, may be worth a watch.

sketches #5

Violet from "Hogfather"

3 doodles from a sequence I've just started working on

blender 2.5 screencast is possible now to create a screencast from within Blender by just pressing Alt+f3, and I've been toying with it a bit. Here's a 3 minutes video I did while sculpting (new sculpting and multires is awesome, btw):

And, since I can't render this, here's a screen shot of how it looks right now.

Still a lot of work to do. I've reused the base mesh I've created for a previous creature, and added a few more polygons in the head, however, I've should have added more detail to it before adding the multiresolution modifier.

While sculpting, the interface showed there were almost 7 million faces in the scene, but, when I've tried to render the scene, the renderer showed about 2 million faces more. I'm not really sure why this happens. Anyway, rendering at this subdivision level is impossible right now, since my computer runs out of RAM if I try. So, I'll probably only be able to show screen captures of this until I either get more RAM or the texture …

sketches #4

doodles with mypaint.

3rd round, back to gimp.

sketches #3

Some 60-90 seconds poses from posemaniacs

Trying to get this painting too look a bit better, I've switched to Mypaint this time. Not sure if it's improved, but, at least, I don't hate it as much as before.


Some day I'll get some nice outdoors time for more than a couple of days, and forget about my computer and work, and it'll be great, and...a man can dream...

Meanwhile, in the real world...

Day 2 of my hair tutorial was published a while back, it can be found here:

Also, I've done a quick sketch this past weekend with Gimp and the great presets from Gimp Paint Studio.

Finally, I've been testing 2.5 for a while now, and, even though there are some things that I don't like about it (I just have to get used to them though), there are a lot of new features that have put a smile in my face since I've first tried them. It happened with colour management, then with the new sculpting improvements, and now, indirect diffuse lighting. :)

I've done this on Saturday (I've taken the idea from a friend's wallpaper), and only used AAO and indirect lighting in …