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crappy renders

I already knew that my renders suck, but, now, there's The List to confirm my suspicions. All my renders are test renders, so, according to point #6, they all suck. Oh well...I knew that already, and I don't seem to care that much...I'll never become an artist this way though :(

So, even though there are some images below this text. Don't waste your time, there's nothing to see here, move on...

I should stop sculpting heads and try something different, but, since BlendingLife 2 seems to be close, I'm assuming I'll keep the heads going for a while. I'd like to finish my entry this time.

Sculpting time lapse in Blender 2.5

So, I wanted to test sculpting in 2.5 some more, and, after watching this video at blendernation, I've decided to sculpt a goblin...I'm afraid the result doesn't look much like a goblin...

I've also recorded most of the process, here's a couple of time lapsed videos of the sculpting:

blender 2.5 mini project

Finally found some time to try texture baking in 2.5. I've used the head from Baseman by Sean J MacIsaac as base mesh for sculpting. Then baked an ambient occlusion texture from it, which I've used as base for painting the textures in Gimp.

Here's also this doodle, the result of fooling around with procedural textures.