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sketches #14


and a couple of videos...a timelapse of the dragon and a turntable of the alien head

sketches #13

latest bunch of doodles

sculpting time lapses

I've recorded most of the stuff I've been sculpting lately, thanks to the screencast feature that now blender has. It really is much easier to work with the resulting image sequences that blender creates, than trying to re-encode .ogv created by recordmydesktop, that I used to use before.
Here are the videos for the last 3 heads I've done.

sketches #12

A few tests with the new blender2.5 beta.

I'm growing tired of the way I sculpt fine detail, tried something a little different with the last one.

All of them, except the first one, started form a sphere. Had to go up to 6 million polygons with the last one, because there wasn't enough resolution on the face for detailing.

Good thing is, I've been able to render the mesh with render25 branch :)