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by procrastination...

confusion, mistakes and linear workflow

I was fiddling with some old files a couple of days ago, then decided to take some renders into Gimp, and play with them a bit more.

This render is a material test rendered with Indigo,the one on the left is the original, and the right one came out of Gimp after applying some modifications.

This was modeled by a friend of mine, I've textured it (using Yo Frankie's textures for the base thing), then lighted and rendered a couple of turntables. The first pic on the left is what came out of blender, the other pair of images are the result of applying the same process used for the materials test to this image.

But, it all started with this render. The picture on the left is blender's internal renderer output. I wanted to add some vignetting to the image and along came some noise and a blue tint.
I've been reading this thread on photorealism tricks over at cgtalk, and decided to put my goofy hands into some work, even though some things, like the noise, may be a mistake.

So I…

trying gimp paint studio brushes

I've read about Gimp Paint Studio at GimpTalk some days ago, and I've finally found some time to give its brushes a try.

I'm very happy with the brushes, but need more time to get something better than this crappy sketch.