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sculpting timelapse

I've recorded about 30 minutes of the last quick doodle I've done, the above video is the result.

After another half hour the thing looked like this:

baking normal and ambient occlusion maps

Following my previous tutorial at cgtuts, part 2 of it was published about a week ago, but I hadn't found the time to post a link to it here until now. You can watch it here.

In this (much shorter) part we'll bake a normal and an approximate ambient occlusion map from the mesh sculpted in part one to a low-poly version of it.

I'll start working on finishing the scene this week so, hopefully, more tutorials will follow soon.

new doodle

It's been the first time I've tried sculpting a whole body for a long time. Arms and legs remain unfinished after a lost battle with the hands.

sculpting tutorial

or what I managed to pull out, you'll decide for yourself. I don't really know how much is there to learn, if anything at all.

So, I've been battling all day long against myself trying to decide whether to post this or not. Looks like 'yes' won, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this.

They published my first video tutorial over at Click in the image to go see the screencast.